I have prepared a great offer to provide full accounting of your company or to render separate services. I will make your daily routine easier, by liberating you from the paperwork. To do this, you will only have to submit the documentation to me.

I offer to organize the accounting from A to Z. When doing my job, I use the recent examples of good practice, and payment exports and imports in banks, which also I offer to my clients for making daily transfers. When it comes to international transactions, I prepare documentation in English. To do my job, I use HORIZON accounting software, and I send all the completed documentation to my clients in PDF or Excel files, as required.

I offer services of communication and representation of your interests before the State Revenue Service, State Labour Inspection and other institutions. To do this professionally, I will use my experience of work in companies of various fields.

During my 17 years of experience I have never had an audit surcharge. My previous experience is related to export and import transactions, transactions in customs area, transactions in the European Union and domestic transactions. I have extensive knowledge in the matters of applying the VAT.

I will help you to avoid unpleasant situations during the inspections of the controlling institutions. I prepare professional replies to the information queries by SRS of various kinds.

I offer you a full range of accounting services, including:

  1. Consultations in accounting and taxes;
  2. Development of accounting organization documents;
  3. Verification, arrangement and processing of source documents;
  4. Preparation of tax returns and their presentation to the SRS;
  5. Estimate of payroll and vacation pay;
  6. Preparation of annual reports and their presentation to the SRS;
  7. Preparation of operations financial reports for banks and other financial institutions;
  8. Preparation and presentation of statistical surveys;
  9. Preparation of economic agreements;
  10. Preparation of employment contracts;
  11. Preparation of staff orders;
  12. Organization of employee personal files;
  13. Preparation of orders;
  14. Preparation of acts.

I also offer individual services.

All the services are available in Latvian, Russian and English.

The charge for accountancy services is applied on an individual basis for each client and it depends on:

  1. The field represented by the company;
  2. The amount of source documents per month;
  3. The number of the company employees;
  4. The number of the taxes to estimate.

If you feel interested in the offer, do not hesitate to call +371 29631293 or e-mail to: dabola@dabola.lv, or you can visit me in person at: Aleksandra Caka iela 59 - 1/2, Riga, LV-1011

Ivetas Dābolas grāmatvedība Ltd

Iveta Dābola
Board Member